FUCR — FUll Copy Right

A digital publishing system where anyone can create and copy anything. When you like something, you get a copy of it, which is stored on your smartphone or computer. Such a copy can be shared with your subscribers, even if the original source is not available for some reason. Important things get more copies in different independent locations and are therefore less likely to get lost or censored.

Each piece of content is signed by the author using cryptography (as in blockchain technologies, where users sign transactions with their private keys).

We do not own or control your data. Your data belongs to you. We simply provide a way to distribute your data to technologically and politically independent data providers in order to minimize the risk of censorship of any kind.

We believe that corporate or government censorship should and can be replaced by individual responsibility. If you create and share the good things, why should someone have the right to ban you? If someone does bad things, the police should take care of it, not the censors.

Have questions? Our email: info@dogada.org.

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